RSBB 2023 - WeLoveDataScience
Hackstathon: Stats / Data Science competition


Here is a mix between Hacking, Statistics and Marathon. Concretely, we organize a small competition open to all RSBB participants and students in statistics/machine learning.

In short...

We come with...
You come with...

We have a match! Then we think it is possible to end up with:
Ohhh, and we also come with

More concretely


Some information we already want to share

Business context

Data are kindly provided by a tour operator company who proposes rental of properties (houses/flats/castles...). Think "booking.com","airbnb"... They will consist in a subset of the information available within the company related to bookings, some characteristics on properties, some other on customers, satisfaction surveys... We selected for you a shortlist of 200 variables (so that it begins to be of interest but still manageable in limited time) (plus two IDs). There are more than 175k records (same reasons!). Those data thus come from a database and gather information from several dimensions. There are even temporal data for time-series lovers! Note: prices of reservations won't be put at disposal; for the rest based on any experience you may have with such company you can imagine what might be contained within those 200 variables.

What we expect from you?

Competition: evaluation criteria

Participants will be evaluated based on various criteria:

Waiting for this event!